pOnk vs. Tidy Kid: Outer Space Series Vol. 2

by pOnk + Tidy Kid



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Creaked Records, Itunes, Juno, Bleep


Label Info:
From Berlin to Brisbane, the Outer Space Series Vol. 2 edition crosses oceans to link two producers pOnk and Tidy Kid, our greatest and craziest homies. By combining experimental electronic soundscape modern pop and beats, inspirations with bright melodies, gentle guitars, field recordings and synthesized textures, this second volume brings some delightful moments of love.

On pOnk's original cut The Emagineer, the sensation of lightness becomes brightness somewhere along the track to bring together an experimental dream-pop song with punchy hip hop drums and dusty melodic strings. Tidy Kid twists his version on a disturbing drunk-like groove with childish vocals, flute and toys sounds and deconstructed rhythms to deliver a more experimental remix.

Australia-based Tidy Kid offers Circle Drop, a track with a fat and dark bass line, sweet guitar string melodies, gently lo-fi voices and an electronic syncopated beat giving it its very own vision of dream-pop. pOnk turns his remix into an futuristic and hypnotic version, matching synth pads and electronic beats with weird string melodies from the inside of a piano and voice loops that will make you feel like someone put clouds under your feet.


released November 4, 2011




Freddy Knop Berlin, Germany

Frederik Knop is a Berlin based composer & mastering engineer. While pursuing a musicology PhD, Freddy worked as a lecturer and researcher in the field of 20th century music and audio technology, specializing on classical and popular music production and composition. He is the founder of LISTENERS Mastering in Berlin and Co-Founder of studio manufacturer HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs. ... more

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